Well, wasn’t 2020 a fiasco of epic proportions?

Who could have predicted that entire industries would be decimated with no warning, that so many businesses would be forced to close or change direction, and that thousands of people would be stood down or laid off, relying on Government support to survive?

It really highlighted how precious jobs are and how important it is for people to be doing meaningful work. I mean, how many times have you heard someone complaining about their job over the past twelve months, only to finish their vent with a heartfelt “Actually, what am I talking about? I shouldn’t complain. I am incredibly lucky to have a job in the first place, let alone one I mostly enjoy!”

The vast majority of people we have worked with have landed awesome jobs. Some have gone from not getting any callbacks, to knocking back positions they are offered. Plenty of people are already receiving promotions and fast-tracking their careers. Others have gone from roles in industries they planned on retiring in, to reinventing themselves and finding work they are truly enjoying elsewhere.

Assisting people to understand their transferable skills and encourage them to smash it in new roles, is what we do best. We are blessed to have helped so many people from different careers articulate their professional ambitions, and we are privileged to have been trusted by so many people to help them on their way to achieving their goals. We have loved helping people get back on their feet and pivot into positions they are now thriving in.

Helping people become Recruitable is our mission.

We can’t wait to help you as well!


Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Meg Salter is one of Australia’s most energetic and influential speakers and coaches. As the owner of Auridian Training & Consulting, she has been providing inspirational presentations and workshops for over 20 years to 100,000’s of participants in 13 different countries.

Known for her down to earth and common sense approach to any venture, Meg is dedicated to helping people convert their potential. After spending most of 2020 providing support, encouragement and practical advice to those affected by the fallout of COVID-19 (in between providing a few months of questionable home-schooling), she co-founded RecruitableHub as a way to provide more people with the tools, templates, skills and confidence they need to stand out and find meaningful employment.

Having written hundreds of resumes and cover letters, and providing hours upon hours of coaching to support candidates successfully through the recruitment process, Meg has an incredible record of enabling her clients to successfully land the job of their dreams. RecruitableHub allows her to share her methods and ideas with job hunters everywhere who want the best chance of success.

When she isn’t on a conference stage, hosting a webinar or coaching someone to be the best version of themselves, Meg is the proud mum of two fabulous and spirited children who keep her happy, grounded and always in need of a beverage.


Co-Founder and Co-CEO

A client once said that working with Kate Bartlett is like working with an old friend; he felt like she knew exactly what he needed to do and hear before he realised it himself.
Having been a highly successful People & Culture Manager in a number of industries, Kate has helped 100’s of people transition and succeed in new career paths. Whether she is matching the perfect candidate to an opportunity in a different company, coaching people to get back on the horse after a redundancy, creating confidence for women returning to the workforce, or championing employees to step up into leadership roles, Kate is driven by her passion for everyone she works with to fulfill their true purpose.

Her insight, experience, connections and knowledge of the job market has meant she has developed into somewhat of a Corporate Matchmaker, and puts her in an enviable position of being able to quickly source new opportunities and place the ideal candidate within incredibly tight timeframes.

Having co-founded RecruitableHub in 2020 Kate is now on a mission to empower people who are looking for meaningful employment by providing the tools, templates, skills and confidence they need to find their dream job.

When she isn’t changing the world, you will find her at the beach with family and friends, or escaping the city to explore all the amazing places Australia has to offer.


Chief Technology Officer

When Meg and Kate were overwhelmed with requests for help to gain meaningful employment as COVID-19 created massive layoffs in Australia and New Zealand, they complained to Rey that they needed to ‘automate themselves’.

Ever the optimist and absolute tech wizard (think Gandalf meets Dumbledore) he replied “Sure – we can do that!” and RecruitableHub was effectively in play.

With a background working in tech companies like Ericsson, Astra Telecoms (Mitel) and Achilles in various countries, Rey has landed himself in Sweden, spending his days either waiting for the sun to come up or go down, and depending on the season, the snow to arrive.

Whilst co-founding other innovative, world-changing technology platforms (if you haven’t heard of Baobabooks Education Sàrl you need to check that out), and launching online small business platforms for clients globally, Rey has consistently dialled in twice a week to report on what he and his team have developed over the past few days and work out how to create the worlds’ best RecruitableHub for our clients.

Sharing the intention with Meg and Kate to revolutionise the recruitment process, Rey is hell bent on creating the automation and online platforms that bring Kate and Meg’s expertise to every job hunter on the planet. Honest, authentic, genuine, and bloody brilliant – it is fair to say that Kate and Meg had an awesome idea, but it was Rey that brought it to life.

We are here to help you land the job of your dreams or get that promotion you deserve, and we can’t wait to work with you.