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“I have to commend Kate Bartlett and Meg Salter for the time and effort they have selflessly given to members of the Travel Industry during the COVID-19 downturn. They have offered help and advice on resume preparation and job applications as well as endless support for those feeling overwhelmed by the circumstances created when COVID-19 hit our industry hard. I’ve been fortunate to be on the receiving end of their help. They posted a job on a Friday afternoon and by Sunday it was confirmed and I was on my way to a new career opportunity on Monday. Professional, proactive, knowledgeable, experienced, inspiring, sharing & caring are all words that come to mind when I think of these two remarkable ladies. They’ve earned my appreciation and admiration.”

Simone King

Travel Designer

“After spending the last 12 years within a global travel agent, I felt my skills had developed within that industry and company, although I struggled to articulate them in the “normal world”. Once COVID hit, I had to make sure I had part-time work while the downturn was on. Meg Salter was an absolute godsend. I’d applied for up to 100 jobs with my existing resume and had no interviews. As soon as my resume was spruced up by Meg, I actually started to receive emails and call backs. Meg’s down to earth attitude, her “no one’s dead – we’ll sort this out” nature and her humour immediately made me feel at ease and I knew I was in safe hands. Meg linked me up with Kate Bartlett, who was able to put me in front of a company needing a short-term EA / Office Manager which fit my very ‘organised’ skill set perfectly (although I’d never worked in the industry). Kate was an absolute angel to deal with, put me forward, and I got the contract! That short contract job has now turned into a full-time role and I have Meg & Kate to thank for that! Thanks to the RecruitableHub team, 2021 is looking far brighter and I’m feeling confident about my abilities and skills in this ever-changing landscape!
Peta Kensit

Executive Assistant

“After months of job hunting right at the beginning of the pandemic, having zero income with both myself and my husband’s business’ having lost our revenue overnight, and 3 little kids at home, we started relying on food banks and food hampers. No matter what we looked into, there were no grants for our small businesses (me in travel and my husband in IT) and no income support; we literally slipped through the cracks. The stress my little family was under was incredible. I had applied for over 50 jobs with not even a call back and I was getting utterly desperate. I reached out to Meg Salter (aka the resume queen) to check out the resume and cover letters I had been using, which I had already paid to have written for me by another professional. After a few days she came back with a modern, professional and relevant resume highlighting my transferable job skills and an awesome cover letter. The first job I applied for, I got an interview for, then another, then another and all of a sudden I had choices and felt in control again. Meg’s coaching through the interview phase, helping me deal with topics like negotiating salary and preparing me for common questions, made my interviews feel more like a conversation rather than a Spanish Inquisition. I was offered several different positions and was literally knocking back roles. My RecruitableHub resume and Meg’s coaching changed everything overnight. I cannot recommend working with these guys highly enough.”
Belle Goldie

Retail Store Manager

“Kate’s coaching, HR and recruitment skills were second to none. She got such a thrill out of finding the best talent for my business. We couldn’t have done it without her”.
Kieran Cato

CATO Location Services, Honeywagons, StreetSTRONG and O MY POD

“Kate was my career coach for several months, during this time she helped me change direction in my career, mentoring me to make the strategic moves to starting my own business. She has an exceptional coaching style, conversations were structured so topics could be explored and understood, and presented back to me so I was learning from the experience. Kate’s approach was amazing and covered so much insight and positive mentoring. I was able to identify issues that were holding me back and was able to create action steps that I could implement to meet my goals. I feel like this has been an amazing transformation for me both personally and professionally. I would highly recommend Kate!”

Alan McMahon


“It can be a daunting task having to summarise your working career, into a succinct, consumable and ultimately effective document. Creating proposals is something that normally comes naturally to me, however in this instance, when trying to portray myself in words, I truly struggled. After connecting with Meg Salter and RecruitableHub, I pushed past my block and gained some incredible insights. By accessing and using the resume writer it proved to be the catalyst to refine and shine my career history. The difference it made to my resume and the format of the document was day and night. However, more importantly, the confidence I gained, along with the clarity of thinking, kick-started my recruitment journey, on the best possible footing. Beyond the resume, the advice offered to me throughout the process, with regards to approaching the search process, the tactics to cut through the clutter, enabled me to be competitive within a very tough environment. An incredible experience, at a very important time in my career, I highly recommend the services of RecruitableHub! Thanks Meg, you offer an invaluable service!”
Andrew Mulholland

General Manager

“I have had the pleasure to work with Kate for several years. Kate is an extremely approachable and people-focused People & Culture Manager. Kate coached and guided many people on their careers, with brilliant results as people grew into their own professional paths.”

Cassie Withers

Business Development Manager

“Meg Salter is a wizard! She helped me out when I needed it most. I, like many people, had to pivot careers in mid-2020 due to the impact COVID-19 was having on my industry. Like many, I was overwhelmed with where to start when writing my resume, as I’d been in the same job, with the same amazing organisation, for 10+ years. I knew I was a capable individual, but I was really struggling to put into words what I’d been busy doing for 10+ years. I had no clue how to adequately write my skills and experience acquired in a way that would translate well into other industries. After seeing a job ad one evening that had applications closing the very next day, I emailed Meg in a flurry. She was so wonderful, from a bunch of rambling dot points I provided her with, she turned it into something that got me an interview (and then the job) first try! She made me realise how transferable my skillset was, and how I really just needed the confidence to be able to sell myself. Meg’s calm, approachable (and hilarious) demeanour made me feel very comfortable to be honest, be myself, and that that was a good thing! She made me feel at ease in what was a very challenging and stressful period. I honestly can’t thank or recommend her enough.”

Claire O’Mahony

Account Manager

“I have known Meg for over 20 years now after we first met in the UK. Meg is an amazing, inspirational person who always has the right words to make you feel better. With COVID-19 affecting so many in the Travel Industry over the past 12 months, Meg has been a go-to person for a lot of people. When I needed help, she created a solid resume that I was proud of for me to start job hunting with, for which I am really grateful. I believe she has a special understanding of the employer and employee relationship and can identify your core skills and talents very quickly. I got an interview for the first job I applied for, quickly followed by a job offer. I definitely recommend Meg and her team if you need to find work. Her energy and enthusiasm are infectious.”
Helen Ashton

Salesperson & Leader

“Working with RecruitableHub is so easy and convenient. I love my final resume. It has captured my skills and experience perfectly.”
Sam Norton-Knight

Retired Athlete

“I approached Kate at a delicate time in terms of my well-being and professional direction. Kate took the time to listen, understand the issues, and helped me to realise that there were choices and options. I felt heard, empowered, and ultimately much better equipped to take charge of my career. My discussions with Kate really paved the way to the outcomes I had been seeking all along.”

Global Law Firm

“Looking to pivot in my next career journey is daunting and completely outside of my comfort zone. Where do I start? Resume, where did I save that again? Who do I reach out to? Step in Meg Salter who took the time and listen to where I was at. Meg updated my archaic resume to be eye-catching and personalized it to the new career I was looking for. Meg coached me not just to apply for any role but to work out my purpose and articulate why I am applying for a role and tailoring my resume and cover letter to this. Finally, Meg encouraged me to not just sit and wait to hear back from companies or recruiters but to pick up the phone and find a reason to reach out. She ensured I was not just a number, but instead someone that stands out from the pile of resumes hitting their inbox. Do you want to stand out from the pile of other candidates? If the answer is yes, take the plunge and reach out to Megs and her team. You won’t regret it.”
Anthony Bryce

Area Sales Manager

“After almost 20 years in the same role with the same company, I had no idea where to start writing a resume when I was made redundant due to COVID-19. The RecruitableHub resume writer saved me and I now have a resume that I absolutely love. It looks amazing and really highlights my talents and experience. I feel so much more confident job hunting with such a professional CV.”
Linda McMullen

Area Sales Manager

“I got the first job I applied for using my new resume.”

Craig McMahon

Assistant Principal

“I came to Meg in tears and so distressed over the situation I found myself in with having to change careers. Not only did she help me by fixing up and making my resume and cover-letters amazing, but she also helped me personally by highlighting that the skills that I had developed as a Travel Agent are transferable to different industries. She supported me in a time when I was lost in stress and showed me a way out. I am indebted to her.”
Edith Svehla

Owner - Banks & Solander Distillery

“When a role came up for me outside of the travel industry, I immediately knew I needed to call on Meg Salter for assistance. Meg has tirelessly entertained, uplifted, and motivated us over the last 12 months so I contacted Meg to help me rework my resume to highlight my skills outside of the industry. It looked so good when we finished I was feeling excited to interview. I also leaned on Meg for advice on interview questions and moral support. Clearly a winning combination and I was offered the position without them needing to interview any further.”
Tracey Scanlan

Events Co-ordinator

“I had the pleasure of working with Kate Bartlett from 2016 – 2018 as part of the Senior Leadership Team at Si Holidays. In that time, I witness and experienced firsthand what an inspirational and fabulous leader and coach Kate is. She is genuine, approachable, caring, and fun. She understands that everyone is different and has the amazing ability to know exactly how to engage, mentor, and motivate to get the best out of you. If you have the fortune of being coached by Kate, know you are destined for greatness!”
Tina Johnson

Senior Operations Leader

“After more than 19 years in one sector, writing my CV was a daunting task. I was lucky enough to use Meg’s services and land my dream role. Her curious nature allowed her to really understand what my previous positions had entailed so that she could highlight my skills and show future employers how transferrable they were. Meg really helped me to market myself through both my resume and cover letter. She made the whole process simple and was really supportive. I cannot recommend Meg highly enough if you need a resume and cover letter. Thanks again Meg.”
Anna Cormack

Learning & Development Leader