My god, we are sick of COVID! It’s caused absolute devastation and disaster for so many people. We have lost loved ones, jobs, mortgages, the right to leave our homes, engaging with communities, funerals we can’t attend, weddings we have put off, the list is endless. The impact has been one of devastation and destruction. We all know, entire industries have been decimated overnight. The trauma has been impossible. And apparently, we in Australia are the lucky ones! It sure doesn’t feel like it sometimes. Am I right??

The drop in the job market has been scary to witness and to be part of. Thousands of us moved onto Job Keeper overnight, only to be taken off months later. People have been taking massive pay cuts and are living with uncertainty about their future careers, industries, and health. There have been so few jobs available, compared to the masses losing them. Life-time employees who love what they do, are no longer able to do what they love. Industries folded, went on hold, or just shrunk. It’s been a shock and entirely unfair for so many. We all know it’s been a sh*t show!

But what I have seen come out of this time, out of the dark clouds, are beautiful rays of sunshine, hope, and change. The community spirit and generosity of people have reignited my faith in humanity. The incredible resilience and clarity of thought and direction of some people are astounding. I have witnessed some daring acts of triumph and bravery, where individuals have paved a new future for themselves in the worst circumstances. I had the pleasure to see incredible people pivot overnight and turn to failling businesses into thriving successes. My awesome friend lost 80% of his business overnight because of the film and television industry’s collapse. Within a month, he had rebranded and retrained his staff and launched into the construction industry. It’s now going so well he can’t keep up with demand! He wants us to hire people for him!

There have been so many examples of inspiring people who have taken the plunge and changed careers, only to find new and more exciting jobs. I read thrilling story after story of the incredible women in the travel industry who responded to Meg Salter’s request to share their successes. Her question sparked a plethora of responses “because Meg asked.” I read amazing stories of women landing new roles and starting new businesses in Social Retail, Real Estate, A Furniture Revival business, Spirituality for the Modern Woman business, a Catering business, Team leader for a COVID helpline! There were so many different women sharing their success….it was brilliant!

We have all heard the cliches during COVID, such as “with change comes opportunity,” but I have honestly found it to be true. Meg and I have had our own journeys through COVID, in fact, Meg’s entire industry collapsed overnight. Which lead us to the path of RecruitableHub. For that, I am grateful.

I won’t go on about our journey, only to say to you that if you are at a stage where you feel a bit lost or stuck or uncertain because of COVID… One certain thing is there are still opportunities for you today! We are here to help you along that journey. So if you want to change careers temporarily or permanently, find a new job in your current industry or find your first job, we are all in it together.

It’s time to brush up on your resume and cover letter or write one from scratch. We have made that process easy. We guide you along every step of the way, and you will be so happy with the result. We want to see each and every one of you succeed and get the job you deserve.

You’ve got this, guys!

PS – You can’t beat us, COVID!!

Kate Bartlett
Co-Founder & Co-CEO
Linkedin: @bartlettkate